Thursday, June 05, 2008

Books Now! Books Wow!

Remember that Monty Python sketch where the Royal Navy is given a groovy makeover via animated advertisements, or the "Catholicism Wow!" campaign in Dogma? This is kinda like that, 'cept with books!

Yet another library-related song, this one specifically celebrating the Children's Book Council's Book Week theme of 1972. Here are the first two verses and the chorus:

"When it rains, when it snows / when it's Spring and everything grows / when you've got a cold in your nose / Read books, now! Books, wow! / Robin Hood, Little John, fairy tales that start 'Once upon', great adventures, fiction and non! / Read books, now! Books, wow! / Cheer the hero, who's brave! / Boo the villain, that knave! / Face a lion in his cage / and escape by turning the page / Travel west! Howdy, Pard! / Get a ticket, it isn't hard / It's your local library card / Read books, now! Books, wow!"

"Want to learn how to cook? / How to bait your own fishing hooks? / Even how to write your own book? / Read books, now! Books, wow! / Books on stamps, books on snakes / books that scare and give you the shakes / and without those commercial breaks! / Read books, now! Books, wow! / When it's Sunday and Jerome / who's your best friend isn't home / You don't have a thing to do / and you're slowly going cockoo / Don't give up! Don't despair / don't go home and tear out your hair / Grab a book, a coke, and a chair! / Read books, now! Books, wow!"

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