Saturday, June 14, 2008

***The Beep Seals***

Normally, I reserve this blog for music created specifically for kids, with occasional sidetrips into grownup music when I'm feeling particularly sentimental or editorial. But I love indierock, I love harmonies, and I love Teenage Fanclub, which is why I have to recommend this band from Manchester, UK.

The Beep Seals just released Things that Roar on the tiny London-based Heron Recordings label, sounding like nothing less than the Zombies and the Beach Boys playing songs from the Beatles' Rubber Soul and Revolver. Any current group who put this much effort into three- and four-part vocal arrangements are tops in my book. And who did the band get to produce their debut album? Who else but Norman Blake from my beloved Teenage Fanclub, a pro at exactly this kind of melodic, jangly, harmony-filled superpop.

Check out this short clip of the Beep Seals performing live on Manchester's Channel M:


Anonymous said...

WT - thanks for the tip. I can hear the Zombies influence. Hey czech out Dr. Dog from Philly. Audi 5000, Jim Webb

Warren Truitt said...

I will certainly take your musical advice, Mr. Webb.

Loved "Wichita Lineman".

Say hello to Dean Horse for me.


Anonymous said...

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