Saturday, January 31, 2009

Punk Rock Preschoolers!

Illinois kiddie rockers The Boogers musically pummell the tots at Chicago's Wonder Works Children's Museum with their version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," from their kids' music debut Road to Rock. Long live Rock & Roll...

The Boogers - "Mary"


Copper Tom said...

The Boogers? Cool name. these guys rock for real. I'm Copper Tom from Ann Arbor. I havfe a new Cd callede Get the Beat. Here's my videos

Maybe I can figure out how to post here.


Michael said...

Somewhere Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey are smiling. Probably because they now have unlimited access to glue.

Nice two-camera shoot. And in true Ramones style, they kept it under two minutes.

M. Rachap

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