Monday, January 05, 2009

me 3 Make a Short Video for a Short Song

...and the song is called...that's right, "Short Song." Played louder and faster, this tune by me 3 would make a great stadium rocker!

me 3 - "Short Song"


cbro said...

it's only a practice run but check out my new show and let me know what you think.

Warren Truitt said...

Awesome! The James Superstar Kochalka, Brenton Wood, and Tally Hall tracks are inspired, the kind of stuff families need to explore together. Keep it up, man!

Anonymous said...

i dig it

cbro said...

thanks. It's a rough draft so a few things might change...I've been told my read is a bit too NPRish and not "up" enough. What do you think?

Warren Truitt said...

Sounds good, Chris. As long as the Rock is Rollin', people will listen. Can't wait to hear more shows!

cbro said...

Thanks...there will be more. Hopefully a lot more. Any suggestions of music please send them along. Always looking for something I don't have...I have quite a bit but I am but one man.

Also feel free to search around NEXT and let me know what you think of my new music show.

Casey said...

Super catchy and cute!

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