Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Free-for-All # 4

Welcome back! Here are a few tunes from the past week:

Debbie and Friends, Story Songs and Sing Alongs

Exactly what the title says: Several fairy tales in song form, along with a bunch of singalongable kiddie pop tunes. Very strong Sesame Street feel, and that's a good thing! Debbie Cavalier, Dean of Continuing Education at the Berklee College of Music, uses Carpenters-like vocals and a silly sense of humor to make an entertaining album for preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Great old-school kids' album. Standout tune is "Home", which could be a song Paul Simon forgot to record! And check out the Sublime/Sugar Ray-like "Favorite Son (Every Day)" ... oughta be on a kids' show or movie soundtrack. Many of the songs have a post-"Pina Colada Song" Rupert Holmes feel to them, nice arrangements, ear-catching melodies.

The Residents for kids?!? Wait, maybe it's DEVO for little ones, especially on "Good Bot", "Timeout Time", and "Power Up!" Anyhow, Lee Davila's electrorock project from Austin, Texas, is a wonderful oddball of a CD: It may not be a widespread favorite, but those kids who dig it will be rabid fans, for sure.

Cher & Gene Klosner, Stardust

Gentle, well-produced collection of lullabyes and other quiet tunes for bedtime. The Klosners perform originals, traditional tunes, and songs originally made famous by The Monkees, The Carpenters, John Denver, Bing Crosby, and others. This 2-CD set includes instrumental versions of every song, giving you extended chilldown time at the end of the day.

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