Tuesday, June 06, 2006

***Uncle Widget***

The most exclusive children’s music genre in existence? Electronic Ambient Lullaby Instrumentals. And as of this writing, Uncle Widget’s Bedtime on Mars seems to be the only CD that falls into that niche. Hey, Brian Eno for babies!

The CD’s subtitle, “Music for Children to Dream by”, aptly describes the contents, and both Uncle Widget’s website and the album liner notes describe the record’s purposes: to expose children to music from infancy, to get children interested in the relaxing and creative qualities of music, and to foster peace and creativity in sleeping children. All the music on the CD is original, except for the tiniest snippets of traditional lullabies embedded deep within a song or two.

The 11 song titles have a sort of “day in the life” order to them, beginning with “Carefree from Dawn” and “Song for the AM”, and winding down with “Bedtime on Mars”, “Until Morning”, and “Tucked In”. All wonderfully soothing, all interestingly detailed, and all professionally produced and arranged.

Besides working as a South Carolina-based youth minister, Bryan Murdaugh, Uncle Widget’s alter ego, writes praise and worship songs for Mass and paraliturgical events, and sets psalms to music for use in the Mass. Murdaugh is also the co-founder of bingbit, a liturgical and family music publishing company. Check out some of this busy guy’s works and musings at
www.spaceagewasteland.com, www.yourelevatorpitch.com, and www.trooperseven.com. Give Bedtime on Mars a listen. Relax.

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