Monday, April 27, 2009

**Dreyer Family Band***

Even reviewers have favorite bands, and Dog On Fleas are definitely one of my faves. One reason is because of their uniqueness: very few bands, even grownup bands, draw from such an eclectic grab bag of influences to develop their sound. Well, I think they've met their match ... dig Family Photograph by the Dreyer Family Band.

Two families from opposite coasts combined to make an album "not FOR kids, but includes them ... from the perspective of all family members." And, I must say, they successfuly achieved their goal. Parents will amen the lyrics of "You Get What You Get," a song that sounds like Dr. John playing on The Muppet Show; "How To Be Happy" could be a companion to It's A Beautiful Day's "White Bird;" "Photograph" sounds like one of those great tunes Richard Manuel used to write for The Band; and "Imagination" is just a great pop song about the awesome power of a kid's mind.

Earthy, funny, sincere, silly, knowing, and musically right on, the tunes on Family Photograph'll find an audience with at least one, and probably every, member of your own family.


Glenn said...

This is a superb album, with catchy tunes, wonderful lyrics and excellent's not just for kids; adults will love it, too.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous in every way. It makes me remember what it was like to be a kid.

Anonymous said...

cool stuff

Isabel said...

We LOVE this album...and we don't even have kids! But we will be sending a copy to our nieces and friends with children. A really creative, fun CD.

marc said...

I've known the brothers a long time. This is just great music that people of ANY age can appreciate, enjoy * sing along to. And isn't that what makes music so great?!

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