Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Justin Roberts' Greatest Hits?

I was putting together an artist profile about Justin Roberts over on the site, and I started looking through his albums ... man, that dude has lots of good songs! Which led me to wonder: if you were to compile a Justin Roberts greatest hits album, what songs would you pick?

Would you go heavy on his earlier James Taylor-influenced CDs, or choose more tunes from his later Fountains of Wayne/Blink 182-sounding albums? Sure, you would include tunes like "Our Imaginary Rhino," "Pop Fly," and "One Little Cookie," but what about lesser-known album cuts?

Limit your theoretical CD to 12 songs, with maybe one bonus track. Lemme know what you think ...


Jacqueline said...

Hmmm, it's hard to select only 12 -- I decided to select two from each of his six albums:

Do You Wanna Go?
Old Pajamas
Yellow Bus
One Little Cookie
Billy the Bully
Day Camp
Picture Day
Our Imaginary Rhino
Maybe the Monster
Pop Fly
Big Field Trip

Warren Truitt said...

Great list, Jacqueline! In fact, that's a pretty good Justin Roberts primer for the uninitiated.

Todd Baxter said...

12 songs is not enough.. and neither is 13 but here is the list I would give the uninitiated.

1. My Brother Did it
2. Maybe the Monster
3. Tickle my Toes
4. Willy Was a Whale
5. More than just a minute
6 Henrietta's Hair
7 Airplane of food
8 Yellow Bus
9 Hey Hippopotamus
10 Thought it was a monster
11 I lost the Tooth I Lost
12. One little Cookie

and Bonus track:
Cartwheels and Somersaults.

That is it. However it is like trying to put together The Beatles greatest hits or Paul Simon or XTC, there are always gonna be gems that get left off- Justin's catalog is THAT deep. Keep going Justin!

Warren Truitt said...

Thanks, Todd. Interesting...two great lists and only three songs were repeated! Maybe Roberts will be thinking about a double album greatest hits one of these days...