Tuesday, June 17, 2008

***Jason Falkner***

Is it weird to be excited about a collection of songs meant for nighttime relaxation? I'm a big fan of Jason Falkner, and Jason Falkner's a big fan of the Beatles. I'm a big fan of the Beatles, too, but I'm not sure if the Fab Four or Falkner are fans of mine ... anyway, Jason Falkner's second CD of Beatles lullabyes was released today, and I'm pretty jazzed.

Now, naysayers will claim that Bedtime with the Beatles: Part Two is "muzak", or will ask "Why don't you just listen to the originals?" First, anything Falkner touches musically is way more interesting than most of what's out there. Second, these aren't meant to be "covers" as such, they're interpretations in lullabye form (see this review of his first Bedtime with the Beatles). Third, Falkner performs and produces everything himself: This ain't no "hit the drum machine button and play the synth" bull malarky.

Check out the Brian Eno-sounding "She's Leaving Home", the hummed "Hey Jude", and the perfect closer, "Goodnight". The most amusing thing about the project is the promo blurb issued by McCartney himself:

"I very much enjoyed the first 'Bedtime with the Beatles' and wish Jason all the best with this follow-up. It certainly works - it put me to sleep."

Whether or not that quote is legit, it's pretty damn funny.


Cher & Gene Klosner said...

I, for one, am very excited about the new collection!! I got volume 1 because of being a Jason Falkner fan, then got another copy for my nephew when he was a baby. Jason is an amazing musician, and his foray into lullabies was very influential in how we presented the arrangements of the instrumental tracks on our lullaby cd (which was reviewed by Warren March 14, 2008, by the way). There are definitely some Muzak lullaby cd's out there, but his is definitely not one of them! We thank him for the inspiration! And thanks, Warren, for letting us know it's out!

Phil Andrews said...

Hey there, I just published a phone interview I did with Jason late last month. We talk quite a bit about the album you're posting about, Bedtime with the Beatles 2, including him reflecting on what it was like to slip Paul McCartney himself a copy while he was doing session work on Paul's album "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard." Check out the full interview at the Palo Alto Pop Overthrow.

-Phil Andrews
Palo Alto Pop Overthrow

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