Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Grownups are silly

So, it's only May and already there are five kids' albums out (or to be released) by major pop/rock/rap musicians and bands who have crossed over into the children's music arena. These are the ones I know of, so if there are more that should be included on the list, leave a comment.

Barenaked Ladies - Snack Time
Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere
Prince Paul (w/ Chali 2na, Ladybug Mecca, Wordsworth, & Scratch) - Dino5
Lisa Loeb - Camp Lisa (June 3)
Natalie Merchant - as-yet-unnamed (Fall 2008)

Also, who would you like to see record an album of kids' tunes? Matthew Sweet would be one of the artists at the top of my list...

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