Monday, January 21, 2008

***Father Goose***

Pure joy!!! Wayne Rhoden, aka Father Goose (longtime Dan Zanes sidekick), finally releases his solo kids' album, and what a doozie it is! From the album title to the CD booklet's family photos to the rambunctious songs, everything about this album yells, "Have a great time!"

What is a Bam Bam Diddly, you might ask? "It's a never ending party that starts in one place and ends up somewhere else. Bam Bam Diddly is your personal style," sez the album's inner sleeve. A perfect analogy for Rhoden's personal and musical life, which began in Jamaica and landed in Brooklyn. After gaining much fame in the grownup world as Rankin' Don, Rhoden hooked up with Zanes when that ex-rocker began making music for children. Over the years Father Goose's guest appearances with Zanes both on CD and in concert have made Rhoden a fan favorite, and those fans will not be disappointed by his full length debut, released on Zanes' Festival Five Records label.

You can hear the admiration and glee in Rhoden's voice as he gets to collaborate with childhood musical heroes like Sister Carol, and sing favorite tunes from his youth with pals Zanes and Sheryl Crow. Even Father Goose's mom shows up on his original song "Music Man"! Lots of traditional Jamaican folk songs, some Creole lyrics, a bunch of great original tunes, tons of family and friends ... listening to this CD is like dropping in on a summer picnic where the fun and great vibes never end. And I'm sure if you showed up, Father Goose and his crew would gladly invite you to join them!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the children's CD - The Magic of Think by Janyse? I was just wondering what you think of it if you have heard it. I ordered it from Amazon last week and my 3 year old really seems to like it.

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