Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gustafer Yellowgold live at Donnell !!!

Morgan Taylor brought the glorious story of Gustafer Yellowgold to the Donnell Central Children's Room this afternoon, with help from his wife, Rachel Loshak. Morgan thoroughly entertained the kids and their grownups with his multimedia presentation, and had 'em swayin' from the beginning of "I'm From the Sun" to the end of "New Blue Star". A highlight was seeing and hearing "The Mustard Slugs", a song from the upcoming second volume of Gustafer's adventures. This song, I swear, was somehow left off one of those Schoolhouse Rock albums and mystically channelled into Morgan's brain: It's the funniest song about math you'll ever see/hear.

I'm tellin' ya, go see Morgan live. These pictures just don't do him justice.

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Chuck Brown said...

Hi Warren,

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You've got a terrific blog here, but I could find no info at all as to how to subscribe via RSS, nor how to contact you directly.

If you can find out the address of your blog feed (and better yet, get registered with Feedburner.com, as they make your feeds operate more quickly and have great tools for allowing easy subscription), I'd like to include a link to you on the FKM site.

I've been thru the process of setting up a number of blogs and routing their blog feeds in the past...so if you have questions, please let me know.