Wednesday, June 28, 2006

***Farmer Jason***

Alt country, Country Music, country rock ... call the music on this CD what you will, but it sure beats the hell out of anything you would hear on CMT today. Ever wondered what a typical day on a farm would be like? Well, you've come to the right place. Farmer Jason will personally take you on a guided tour of A Day At the Farm!

Jason Ringenberg spent several years as ringleader of Jason and the Scorchers, and if you ever got a chance to see one of their rowdy shows or listen to any of their riproaring rock/country hybrid records, you'll recognize his trademark eeeeelongated vowels. A Day At the Farm, Jason's first CD as Farmer Jason, was released in 2003 on Chapel Hill, North Carolina's, Yep Roc Records. The album begins with a rooster's crow, which lets everybody know it's time to "Get Up Up Up!" (check out the awesome hook in the middle eight). Then the semi-autobiographical "Guitar Pickin' Chicken" livens up things even more. A banjo accompanies the bumpy ride of "Whoa There Pony", and the real rock begins when the "Tractor Goes Chug Chug Chug". "I'm Just an Old Cow" pays homage to Johnny Cash's Sun Records era, followed by the foot stompin', guitar crunchin' "He's a Hog Hog Hog". Then come two great Toddler Time singalongs, "The Doggie Dance" and "Little Kitty". A fiddle and a banjo anchor the old time mountain music of "Corny Corn", and some spicy Cajun flavor is added to the rollicking "Hey Little Lamb", another oughta-be-a-chart-topper. Finally, everybody settles in for the night with "Sundown On the Farm", Jason's peaceful duet with Tahra Dergee, star of Nashville Public Television's Tahra Time.

So, this is what it would be like to have the nicest, most patient, rockin'est uncle, ever, walking around with you on his farm. Jason narrates between each song, giving short descriptions of the chores and animals of each upcoming tune. This is the perfect CD for a 30-minute drive, when you can let your little one's imagination take over. Or put this one on while you play farm on the living room floor. Even though you might have missed it when it first came out, A Day At the Farm is a definite must-have. It's just amazing that kids' albums exist which include at least four songs that could be in the Country Music top ten charts. And that's the way it should always be.

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Sky Bluesky said...

This is a great record. "Guitar Pickin' Chicken" is one of our absolute favorites - Mrs. B just laughs every time it comes on. "I'm Just an Old Cow" is also good for a chuckle. A really well-done album that doesn't condescend to kids. (Mostly.)

Warren Truitt said...

Thanks for reading, Mr. B.!

Yeah, I really enjoyed how the whole thing was tied together by Jason's narration. Fun album!


Anonymous said...

i bought this for my godchild and she loves it. catch his live shows for the kiddies also.

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